Founded by Maura Jakksen Byrne, Your Business Smart Coach is an Executive Coaching and Leadership Development Consultancy. Smart Coach also offers in-company one-on-one coaching programmes, workshops and talks on Emotional Resilience & Safeguarding Mental Health in the Workplace.

Maura has developed a FIRST 90 DAYS TRAINING PROGRAMME with accelerated Learning & Development specifically for people about to be or recently promoted.

Maura also has huge success working with people who have disengaged at work.

Maura is a qualified Life Coach (2002), a qualified Leadership & Executive Coach (Kingstown College), a Behavioural Analyst (TTI Success Insights), a Marketing Graduate, an Entrepreneur and a Published Writer.

2002 Life Coaching

2016 Leadership & Senior Executive Coaching

2017 Psychometrics Behavioural Analyst




Now, Your Business Smart Coach offers HR departments a FIRST 90 DAYS LEADERSHIP PROGRAMME.

The potency of the programme is the mix of science, analysis and expert individual leadership coaching sessions.


Your Business Smart Coach works to align the leader’s self with the leadership role and the leader’s business.

Each part is inter-connected and by identifying the core strengths and weaknesses in Self, Leadership Role and Business – a dynamic synergy occurs. This leads to personal happiness, high performance leadership and a more profitable business.

Your Business Smart Coach uses a combination of scientific assessments including DISC behaviours, Driving Forces, Acumen, EQ, Competencies, Team Building, Job Benchmarking and Business Models including Situational Analysis, SWOT, Gap Analysis and BMR.


Are you a leader who is mildly to extremely unhappy in your business?

Life is too short, meeting a business coach can transform you and your business because the relationship is structured, objective and puts you in your business at the centre of the conversation. When working through business models, goal setting with timelines – transformation occurs.

Do you have low to moderate EQ?

EQ is the top leadership skill. Following an EQ assessment, a business coach can train you to improve your Emotional Intelligence

Are you a female manager who hopes to get on the board?

An executive coach will act as a sounding board for your experiences and ideas. And help you to build your career strategy, help with any confidence blocks and ambition, advise you about how to become an influencer and work with you on a pathway to the top that accommodates all the roles in your life.

Your life is out of balance because you’re working too hard and feeling overwhelmed?

A business coach will help you identify the obstacles in your beliefs, behaviours and value systems in work and life that are causing you to be out of balance. Together you’ll set up a plan, a timeline and take action to transform the quality of your life.

You’re a lonely leader and all the meetings with your stakeholders only increases your feelings of pressure and isolation?

A business coach will listen agenda-less to your plans and worries for the business. Help you identify potential areas of business growth and design a pathway to less isolation and more success for your business and for you.

You’re planning on retiring but haven’t achieved your legacy or made a succession plan?

A business coach will objectively help you get clarity on what your current legacy is and what steps need to be taken to achieve your desired legacy within a timescale. By job benchmarking your role in the company, you can identify potential internal or external successors and work towards exiting the business.

You have great products but your team just aren’t working well together.

With the help of a business coach, individual assessments of every team member can identify skills profiles, strengths, intra-personal conflicts and synergies. This leads to clarity of goals, roles, happier people, higher performance and increased profits.

There’s constant conflict among staff - you want to introduce a coaching culture into your business

Businesses who listen and coach their staff are statistically more profitable. An external business coach can train ‘internal master coaches’ for your business who will help the people and the business grow.

You’re bored in your job, you’ve been overlooked for promotion, you need to move but aren’t clear on what your next step is to career progression?

A strong coach will help you to work out where you are now (with scientific assessments), where you want to be and what steps you need to take to kickstart your drive and change your life for the better

You’re a Returner to Work and you lack Confidence and Direction

Following assessments, a coach will help you identify your core beliefs, strengths, skills and capabilities and help you match this to a career path you are ideally suited for.

You’ve been made redundant and you want to confidently plan for a complete career transition

A coach will identify where you are now, what you have to offer, which career pathway you’re going to pursue and how you’re going to pursue it in a specific timeframe.


What if one program enabled you to Discover the right talent, Engage current staff, Advance your high potentials and Perform at a higher level based on critical factors or performance indicators of the job?

Now thanks to TTI Success Insights, there is a complete suite of tools to empower you to do just that. We call it D.E.A.P – Discover, Engage, Advance, and Perform.

D.E.A.P is an integrated toolkit that allows you to mix and match assessments to address a range of human performance issues right through the talent life cycle so as to achieve superior performance at each of the individual, team and organisational levels.

You can see our suite of tools in more detail below.


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