TriMetrix HD – Acumen™ (ACI)

Combining the 4 sciences of Behaviours, Driving Forces, Competencies and Acumen this comprehensive report explains not just the why, how and what of performance but also the potential.  

A person’s Acumen, or their clarity or understanding of a situation is directly related to their judgment, problem solving ability, ability to respond rationally to situations, make balanced decisions and consequently their performance at both a personal and business level.

Acumen (or a person’s keenness and depth of perception) looks at how we think and see ourselves and the world around us. TTI SI’s Acumen Indicators can be considered a lens that people use to filter information: do they process events from a system standpoint, a task standpoint or a people standpoint?  Do they see themselves and the world clearly through the the three dimensions of thought and are the three dimensions balanced?  The three dimensions are:

  • Systemic (Theoretical)
  • Extrinsic (Practical)
  • Intrinsic (Personal)

Commonly used in: recruitment and selection, performance improvement, individual coaching and career planning.


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