Webinar: Managing your remote team for maximum cohesion

WEDNESDAY 30th SEPTEMBER 2020  11-12pm GMT

The Corona virus has completely disrupted all our lives and managers are struggling to keep their teams motivated amid increasing business uncertainty. With team members working apart, the dynamic has changed dramatically and productivity is suffering. This one hour webinar aims to equip manager’s with tools to transform their Remote Team Management.



  • Remote Working & How it Has Changed Team Dynamics
  • How Technology Can Support Team Cohesion
  • The Role of Psychometrics in Remote Team Management
  • Team Dysfunction vs Healthy Team Interaction
  • The Importance of Trust, Purpose & Communication
  • Manager Self-Care, EQ & Triggers
  • Top Recommendations for Remote Team Motivation


  1. Discover Best Practice for Motivating Your Remote Team
  2. Understand What a Healthy Team is
  3. Learn How Psychometrics Can Help You Manage and Motivate Individual Team Members Better
  4. Discover the Power of Coaching 1 on 1’s
  5. Understand How to Safeguard The Team’s Mental Health

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*Please remember that the content and the recording of this webinar is the copyright of Your Business Smart Coach and should not be shared, downloaded or broadcasted.

CPD: This one-hour webinar equates to 2 CPD points

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Greg Brennan

Group Managing Director | Brennan & Company, SVS Ltd & SMCNI Ltd.

The detailed work that Maura did with our 12 senior management team members, across the 3 companies in the Group, has been very beneficial to our overall strategy for our future growth. Our senior leadership team’s abilities and knowledge are crucial to our future. Maura has helped immensely in assisting them in pinpointing strengths and opportunities for development, which has led to greater cohesion among our teams and a better focus on priorities. I would have no hesitation in recommending her to any organisation that is looking to develop a high-performance management team.

Janice O'Rourke

National Recruitment Federation | Education and Operations Manager

I recently worked with Maura on a workshop for the National Recruitment Federation Skillnet on 'Becoming A Superior People Development Manager'. This programme was personally designed by Maura for the Recruitment Profession. Maura prepared, delivered and provided feedback on the programme in an extremely professional manner, she was very approachable and easy to work with. Maura got the best out of all the managers that attended this programme, she was engaging, very knowledgeable and more than willing to work with each person to ensure the best outcome. The feedback from our participants was simply excellent!

Ayesha Thompson

Osborne Recruitment | L&D Programme Manager

Maura is one of our partners in our Leadership Development Programme.  Maura is a strong facilitator, she delivers content very well in a highly engaging, thought provoking manner.  She encourages the team to really open up, share experiences, thus learning from  her & each other. The course content  in Superior People Manager was a nice blend of new material & a reminder to  the team on importance of leadership qualities such as listening, Emotional intelligence,  Team dynamics, Self-care, being present, the differences between Mentoring  and Coaching & when to use for high performance.

Maura also ran our DISC profiles, it was enjoyable and very helpful our team to identify their own skills and is at the core of the next stage in our peoples development plans. 

We all very much enjoy working with Maura, she has very warm &  practical approach, giving real life scenarios, solutions and very tailored to each individual. We look forward to continuing this partnership.

Mark Loughnane

Yala | Operations Director

Becoming A Superior People Development Manager: Maura Byrne (Your Business Smart Coach) Normally, when you put a bunch of recruiters (competitors) into a room together and ask them to discuss how they run their teams, you are met with awkward silences and a definite lack of participation/trust. Maura managed to avoid this totally and hold a two-day training session, full of mutual respect for each other’s ways of doing business and a very high level of interaction. She did this through her passion for her field and also her innate ability to read the energy in a room. I look forward to attending future training sessions with Maura.

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